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Few words about NAWA

Something big, parametric and shiny, standing on Daliowa Island in Wrocław since June. Do you know what is it? It’s NAWA. Since last month citizens of Wrocław can rest on the newly opened Daliowa Island, which until now has been forgotten, has regained its former glory. However, what is the most important for us, the main element of the revitalization which is the sculpture erected by Oscar Zieta’s studio.


The NAWA sculpture, which actually took a form of the urban pavilion, is the largest object entirely designed by using parametric design tools in Poland (and we even risk that in Europe). From the conceptual stage to the executive phase. We admire and reveal details below


First, a few words about the Oskar Zięta’s FIDU technology itself, which provided the optical lightness of the construction. It consists of 35 arches made of polished stainless steel. This material perfectly reflects the surrounding environment while providing an amazing sensation to our labyrinth when we are inside. Steel inflating technology, similar to beach mattress, also translates into the characteristic bends on its edges. As we are used to this kind of shapes in the soft materials, the sculpture is seen as ultra light. The tear-shaped cross section created by the air pumping process turns out to be a high co-efficient of structural strength to its weight. For this reason, it was possible to transport all the arches from the production hall on Kościerzyńska Street to Daliowa Island by waterway.

Let’s return to the earlier stage of designing the form itself. Apart from the proportions of the production technology itself (e.g. the minimum radius of curvature of the arc, the proportions of the teardrop section of the elements or the parameters of the material itself), the most important parameter was the shape of the NAWA and how it fits into the landscape. The difficult task of designing the form has been verified by the optimization of the object line in relation to the viewing axes carried out from the island and surrounding areas. Although optimizing on this issue seems to be quite a subjective concept, the analysis of hundreds of variants has allowed the final version to meet the aesthetic criteria. Generating further versions of the sculpture in a relatively short time was possible through the development of a number of scripts and plugins in the Grasshopper. For their development was responsible Mateusz Zwierzycki, which cooperated with Zieta Prozessdesign for many years.

daliowa15-07-16 (1)daliowa-z-gory


It is also worth noting that outside the design phase, parametric tools were also used in the manufacture of the components themselves and in the construction documentation. This allowed not only the precise reproduction of the molded design, but also the instant updating of calculations and assembly drawings during industry agreements.

The effect of lasting several months interdisciplinary work of programmers, designers, technologists and contractors is an object, which in harmonic way fits into the surroundings on Daliowa Island in Wrocław. As the part of its revitalization, the sculpture became an part of the landscape, which was warmly welcomed by the citizens of Wroclaw. We hope for more realizations of this type.


And what do you think about NAWA?

Materials courtesy of Zieta Prozessdesign. More photos from production, as well as realization you can find on Facebook :)

Teresa Dąbrowska, Bartek Jankiewicz, Marta Pakowska

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