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Parametric and generative architecture – exhibition!

November 9th, 2012 1 comment

On 7th of December  2012 research group LabDigiFab together with  Jawor Design Studio will present the exhibition titled  ’Parametric and generative architecture – revelation or evil‘.  The exhibition will take place in headquaters of SARP Wrocław (Society of Polish Architects) and will present various aspects of utilization of algorithms in design of buildings and cities. In addition, it will also feature number of kinetic and interactive installations (painting robots, multitouch table for designing cities and zMorph 3d printers).

Most of the projects were inspired by biomimetics and produced by translating nature-driven ecomorphic processes into language of algorithms. The main goal of the exhibition is to induce creative discussion around the subject of future design technologies.

The event will start at 7pm, everybody is welcome to attend.

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Student projects exhibition at Barlett, UCL

October 18th, 2012 39 comments

Inconspicuous building of UCL in London, namely the Faculty of Architecture – The Bartlett,  between 25th and 29th of September became a host of three-level exhibition of 3D printings and interactive installations. Architecture projects, created by students of the final year, were focused on the architectural ‘chimeras’, both possessing frightened and fascinating structure. Projects reflected authors’ thoughts and feelings about architecture.

First level presented plastic prints, made by 3D printers, which were designed to use geometric forms and various lighting techniques. The combination of these two elements resulted in creation of objects which really caught the eye and made strong impression on the recipient. Next to the prints visitors could also see interactive installations.

Highlighted 3D prints

Passing  an exhibition of prints, I walked into the room where I could find less static projects made by students from Barlett. Thin circular plywood was imprinted with different patterns. In the middle of installations  Kinect sensor was placed, reading my moves through space, and transforming them to pressure pushed through special air tubes, making the whole thing move.

Another system followed the movements of the visitors using mechanical arm and displayed computer generated structures, on the small screen set at the end. At the ceiling a series of hanging tubes were mounted,  reading visitors’ movements and translating  them to coloufulr light projected on the ceiling.  When I entered into a large hall on the top floor, a few meters high structure caught my attention. Large project cut by milling machines was made of a very light, but also very hard styrofoam. The structure resembled the surface of the mountainous terrain, which was clearly visible by highlighting it from the bottom. Among the hills and valleys new projects were presented , this time created by 3D printers.

3D prints and models created by multi-axes milling machines

The main sculpture of the exhibition is RC2 – the structure inspired by animal chimeras, resembling a standing lion. Project created by student team, is mounted on the internal rack to which they fixed triangular panels. Spiky structure was partially decomposed, so I could easily see all the details.

“aRC2himera” project

One of the projects presented in Bartlett, was the exploring the utilisation of modern production techniques in every day use objects. One of the students designed a rough and spiky rubber case for iPhone. The idea behind the project, was to create a representation of the thoughts that torn a man apart.

A barbed, rubber case for iPhone

UCL School students, using 3d print and milling technology with proficiency, went a step further in the design of parametric structures. Using sculptures, they were trying to put thoughts and feelings into their projects. They tried to weave the life factors that bother us every day, looking for the solutions through design work.

The exhibition presented the projects of MArch students and took place  in the Royal Ear Hospital, between 25th and 29th September 2012.


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