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Shapes of logic 2017

July 13th, 2017 No comments

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania shapes of logic 2017

It has been already a month from the second edition of Shapes of Logic event, however, we can not miss the chance to write a few words about this unprecedented event in Poland. The second time (report from the 2015 you can find also in our website) research group LabDigiFab invited students, PhD candidates and designers from all over the world to participate in Shapes of Logic conference. This year the main topic was Everything that’s surround us can be automated. Lectures and presentations presented during the three days conference (26-28.05.2017), as well as the problems solved during the preceding workshops (22-25.05.2017), where connected with the topic of usage of the robots and computer programming in design process. The organizers were very pleased, that many PhD students and designers attended the event and their experience allowed to show the possibilities of automation and robotics in contemporary design process.  More information about this topic you can also find on the LabDigiFab fanpage and the official website of the event.

The lectures of the two professors: Jerzy Rozenblit from The Univesity of Arizona and Thomas Bock from The Technical University of Munich have been met with great interest. Even though both of them usually work in the field of constructing a highly advanced (high-tech) robotics, they have presented the principles of working with the machines, which for most of the designers were known rather from the practical point of view. The completion of the theme was presentation of dr Johannes Braumann. The projects discussed by him during the speech has shown the full spectrum of possibilities in a creative usage of the machines.

The lectures of invited tutors, who agreed to lead two workshop’s clusters, turned out into great introduction of the evening discussion panels. This refers to presentation of Mateusz Zwierzycki and the group: Marvin Bratke, Paul Bart, Matthijas la Roi, who explained clearly on the basis of their own projects the unlimited possibilities which open up to the designers thanks to knowledge of programming languages.

During the four days of workshops Behavioural Network group learned how to use the space syntax analysis and the processing with Rhino and Grasshopper in therms of understanding and creating the new, better organized networks. New analitical and design tools were presented and implemented on the particular task what allowed the partcipans immediate practical usage of the theoretical knowledge. The intense work resulted in the three interesting and very different solutions for the revitalization and reconnection of the Grunwaldzki Campus in University of Wrocław.

In the same time, second group also had been focused on networks, with Owl library and Grasshopper plugin with a focus on scripting and writing .NET libraries. Using machine learning methods, participants tired to solve their own design problems.

The organizers were also very pleased to see that this year edition has gathered the most important polish specialists in the field of parametric design: Przemek Jaworski (Zmorph), Oskar Zięta (Zieta Prozessdesign), Michał Piasecki (tylko), again Mateusz Zwierzycki (CITA), Ewa Jankowska, Adrian Krężlik (Architectural Parametrics/Parametric Support) and Judyta Cichocka (Paramteric Support).

Just like two years ago the host of the conference was the Museum of Architecture in Wroclaw, where Gothic interior combined with the modern subject of presentations have allowed to contemplate not only available tools, but also the directions in which current creators are heading.

Almost 100 people took part into the event. We hope that the second edition is the announcement of the cyclic event and we will see each other again in 2019! :)

Zdjęcie użytkownika Shapes of Logic Conference.

Zdjęcie użytkownika Shapes of Logic Conference.

Zdjęcie użytkownika Shapes of Logic Conference.

Zdjęcie użytkownika Shapes of Logic Conference.

Zdjęcie użytkownika Shapes of Logic Conference.

Authors: Teresa Dabrowska, Bartek Jankiewicz, Marta Pakowska -

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Shapes of logic – Wrocław 2015 – international conference of parametric design

April 20th, 2015 1 comment

Museum of Architecture, Wrocław has become perfect background for discussion about design tools which are used nowadays by designers. During the international conference Shapes of logic, which has been placed in Wrocław in March 13th-15th, 2015, students and lecturers from Greece, USA, Italy, Austria, Slovakia, Canada, France, Netherlands and Poland showed us their presentation about parametric design. The conference was the biggest event of this kind in Poland (almost 100 participants). The conference was organized by students research group of digital fabrication LabDigiFab ( and Student’s government of the Faculty of Architecture in Wrocław. Shapes of logic showed similar level of knowledge about parametric design in participants countries. This phenomenon allows to put Polish academic centers on an equal footing with foreign centers. A lot of interest and positive opinions about Shapes of logic encourage organizers to reissue Shapes of logic conference and workshops in 2016.


Three days conference program primarily included student academic presentations, which have been enriched by lectures of foreign guests like: Volker Mueller, Robert Vierlinger or co-founders of Italian group Code-it – Alessio Erioli & Andrea Graziano. We cannot forget about Polish representatives of parametric design including Mateusz Zwierzycki or Michał Piasecki.

Participants, guests and organizers evening meetings had been turned into all night discussions which resulted in establishing design and academic research cooperation. An innovative approach to make a discussion was oxford debate which took place on Friday. Participants began to exchange their opinions on theme: Do we need (virtual) reality? The debate was conducted by Prof. Aleksander Asanowicz from Białystok University of Technology. Discussion between two sides led to surprising conclusions which we are going to present here on next article.


Those of you who share our interest in parametric design, are welcome to follow LabDigiFab facebook fanpage where you can find information about our events. Here you can also find more Shapes of logic photos

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(Polski) Srebrny medal dla Entrance in Art Pavilion w Krasnojarsku

August 25th, 2014 No comments

Sorry, this entry is only available in Polski.

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2 courses of parametric design in September in Wroclaw

July 19th, 2014 150 comments


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Advanced parametric design course – parametric structures

May 22nd, 2012 5 comments

As a preparation and tests for upcoming Advanced Parametric Design workshops planned for July we tested digital fabrication techniques on a model of the pavillion, which was built by students from research group LabDigiFab. The object was designed with use of methods which will be widely used during the event, which will include dynamic relaxation and self-organization in Processing programming environment.

First experiments involved generating bspline surfaces and converting them to point clouds, which were acting as ‘canvas’ for placement of nodes, which were then displaced dynamically, so distances between them get normalized (become as similar as possible). It was discovered that this technique gives very nice results and topology of nodes and connections can be written to file as optimized mesh.

At next stage model was rebuilt from saved topology in  Generative Components nvironment (importing of such spatial structures to GC will also be featured in upcoming workshops), and then enriched by very detailed geometrical representation of each node and connection. Finally, the elements were laid out flat and prepared for digital fabrication on CNC machine.

Prototype in 1:5 can be seen on the photos attached. Full scale model, measuring approximately 4x4x2.5m will be assembled during paraometric design workshop in Wrocław this June – if you are interested in these techniques, join us!

(in addition there will be plenty of other techniques featured, such as genetic algorithms, non-linear optimization of structures, biomorphic and generative design techniques and other alternative methods of generating geometry)

model w skali 1:5

node model in 1:1

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